Includes 4 Cat Candies. A combination of herbs for the perfect Yoni Steam. 100% natural herbs that support that support the natural feminine cycle, significantly reduces cramps, regulate cycles, heals and detox the uterus. do not use this if you are pregnant, have open wombs or blisters and should not be used while on your cycle. 4/$30

Cat Candy

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Cat Candy Blend
  • What is V-Steaming (Yoni)?


    Vaginal steaming is an old ancient remedy used to cleanse the yoni (vagina) and uterus by allowing warm water mixed with natural herbs (v-steam tea) to enter the walls of the yoni. This process is and has been used all around the world for years and is particularly used by holistic healers to provide health and wellness, relaxation and a source of energy. The v-steaming process is gentle, safe and known to be effective. V-steaming is used for women who suffer with severe cramps by decreasing them or even eliminating them all together. Also, women who suffer with infertility, pelvic pain and inflammatory, fibroids, PCOS, endometriosis, frequent yeast infections/bacterial vaginosis, odor due to increased bacteria, vaginal dryness, heavy bleeding while menstruating and to detoxify the body. V-steaming can also be used as a relaxation practice allowing stress to be relieve and energy created. 


    What herbs are in the V-Steam tea?

    Artemisia argyi (Chinese mugwort) - an herbaceous perennial plant that is used to increase the blood supply to the pelvic (Yoni) area which stimulates menstruation and is also used to help treat infertility.

    Safflower- a broadleaf herb used to regulate and alleviate pain during menstruation cycle.

    Flos Rosae Rugosae- a well know flower from the rose family used to help regulate the flow of qi (energy), activates blood to flow by removing obstructions, aids in heavy bleeding by slowing down the flow, irregular menstruation, helps to eliminate vaginal discharge.

    Lavender- a small aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family used to reduce inflammation, lubricates the yoni (vaginal dryness), serves as an anti-inflammatory soothing the yoni, relives vaginal itching

    Aloe- a succulent plant used to fight vaginal infections, yeast infections, heal irritated and inflamed tissue, alleviates menstrual disorders and kill many strains of bacteria and fungi

    Dried Ginger- is a form of a common herb-Ginger that is often dried to help reduce pain and inflammation. Ginger also contains gingerols and shogals, the anti-inflammatory and antifungal components of ginger.


    What are the steps to V-Steaming at home?

    • Find a comfortable private place within your home like your bedroom, living room or restroom (using the toilet by placing the v-steam seat inside the toilet) grab something to drape yourself with i.e. large towel, sheet or sun dress.
    • Boil 2 cups of purified water, pour warm water in the v-steam seat a pack of cat candy and let sit for 5+ minutes.
    • Test the temperature prior to sitting by placing your hand 10 inches above the water to make sure it is not too hot and will be bearable for your Yoni. Please do not sit over boiling HOT water.
    • Remove your panties, carefully sit on the seat and drape yourself waist down. Make sure you are warm while v-steaming so we suggest wearing a top and socks or slippers.
    • You can sit as long as the water is warm and the steaming process is still taking place. Average time is about 25-30 minutes (Time varies due to the water temperature). 

    What should I know before V-Steaming?

    It is not recommended you v-steam while on your menstrual cycle, bleeding, pregnant, breastfeeding or having hot flashes, if you recently had an insemination procedure done and experienced a recent miscarriage. 

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