Sweeties, we know Bv and yeast infections can be a total emmbarrassment at times. Thats why we built this kit just for you!!


This kit is desinged to kick infections in the tail. So the way its used is by steaming 10 days in a row with our disinfect blend. it also has 7 vaggi popppers that you place inside you at night for 7 days in a row. Its very import that whenyou are using these you are not eating dariy and you limited your sugar intake. you will also get 2 honey sticks. Honey is an antibacterial and is known to get rid of bv if you place a small amount inside your vagina. I personally like to use it in my steam it makes for a softer and Sweeter yoni(at least thats what my honey says).  My fav part of the kit is the yoni gloss.. its gloss for the lips down below. its a natrual lube,keeps down on Bv and keep you fresh.


*When this kit is done correctly it has been reported you will not exerience reaurring issues up to a year.


1 Throne

10 cat candies (herbs)

2 honey sticks

 7 vaggi poppers

 yoni gloss lovers

BV Yeast Infections Kit

Stainless Steel Throne Option

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